Yes, your toddler runs your family session

When planning for a session, as photographers, we turn to the internet for Pinterest-worthy posing inspiration. You have this mental picture of family kissing and loving each other in a perfectly secluded park. But let me tell you, this is reality. And guess what? It is just as beautiful. 


(Doesn't he look like he's up to something...?) Anyways, I had a great time exploring downtown Indy with this adorable family of four. This is my forth time photographing them and l love being able to watch their family grow.  They certainly have their hands full for a few years with these two boys, but you can tell there is a great deal of love in this little family. 


Now, for those of you that don't have kids, you might think I am joking when I say "Yes, your toddler runs your family session". But I'm not. I do not have kids yet myself, but I've met a enough kids and done enough family sessions that I can say, it's a win if they're looking in the same general direction as the camera. I spend a great deal of my time during the session befriending the children so that I can get some genuine smiles out of them. 


And yes, sometimes we do get that Pinterest-worthy photo, but we also get a TON of memories. So really, it's a win. 

Lindsey MartinComment